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 A d m i n i s t r a t i v e   A s s i s t a n t
  Celina Caban
  Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience
  Aidekman Research Center
  Rutgers - Newark Campus
  197 University Avenue
  Newark, NJ 07102

 Phone: (973) 353-3185
 Fax: (973) 353-1255
 Email: caban@axon.rutgers.edu

 R e s e a r c h   T r a i n e e s
  Pinelopi Kyriazi

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2015

  Email: p.kyriazi@rutgers.edu

  Ryo Yamamoto

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Joined in: 2014
  Research Project: Role of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in anxiety and fear.

  Phone: (973) 353-3254
  Email: q52464@gmail.com

  Vicky Kanta

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2014
  Research Project: Basolateral amygdala-ventral hippocampus interactions in fear learning and memory.

  Phone: (973) 353-3252
  Email: vicky.kanta@rutgers.edu

  Drew Headley

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Joined in: 2013
  Research Project: Analysis of cortico-hippocampal interactions.

  Phone: (973) 353-3253
  Email: dbh60@andromeda.rutgers.edu

  Mohammad M. Herzallah

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2013
  Research Project: The role of midline thalamus in risky foraging decisions.

  Phone: (973) 353-3035
  Email: mohammad.m.herzallah@rutgers.edu

  Michael DeLucca

  Laboratory Technician
  Joined in: 2013

  Phone: (973) 353-3235
  Email: mdelucca.research@gmail.com

  Darrell Haufler

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2011
  Research Project: High frequency oscillations (HFOs) in the extended amygdala.

  Phone: (973) 353-3252
  Email: haufler@gmail.com

  Seung-Chan Lee

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Joined in: 2011
  Research Project: Role of amygdala and related structures in emotional learning.

  Phone: (973) 353-3547
  Email: seungchannlee@gmail.com

  Zeynep Gungor

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2010
  Research Project: Involvement of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in fear and anxiety.

  Phone: (973) 353-3169
  Email: nurzeynepgungor@gmail.com

  Alon Amir

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2009
  Research Project: Role of intercalated amygdala neurons in the extinction of conditioned fear responses.

  Phone: (973) 353-3169
  Email: alonamir@pegasus.rutgers.edu

  Davine Armstrong

  Research Laboratory Manager
  Research Project: Immunohistochemistry.

  Email: davinea@andromeda.rutgers.edu


 F o r m e r   M e m b e r s 
  Olga Sierra-Rodriguez

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2008
  Research Project: Role of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in anxiety.

  Email: rodriguezsierra.olga@gmail.com

  Hjalmar Turesson

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Joined in: 2011
  Research Project: In vitro electrophysiology.

  Email: hjalmar.turesson@rutgers.edu

  Gunes Unal

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Joined in: 2009
  Research Project: Associative properties of the perirhinal network.

  Email: gunes@rutgers.edu

  Michele Cascardi

  Visiting Scholar
  Joined in: 2008
  Research Project: Identification of biomarkers of PTSD predisposition.

  Email: mcascardi@comcast.net

  Frank Nagy

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2002
  Research Project: Physiology of the nucleus of the stria terminalis.

  Email: nagy@axon.rutgers.edu

  Sonal Goswami

  Graduate Student
  Joined in: 2007
  Research Project: The effects of predatory stress on amygdala function.

  Email: sona83@gmail.com

  Taiju Amano

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Research Project: Role of intercalated amygdala neurons in the extinction of conditioned fear responses.


  John Apergis-Schoute

  Graduate Student
  Research Project: Long-range GABA cells of the perirhinal cortex.

   University of Cambridge

  Elizabeth Bauer

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Research Project: Physiological investigation of amygdalo-cortical interactions.

  Assistant Professor in Neuroscience, Barnard College, Colubmia University
  Email: ebauer[at]barnard.edu

  Sevil Duvarci

  Graduate Student
  Research Project: Effects of stress hormones on neurons of the basolateral amygdala.

  Goethe University Frankfurt

  Anthony Fidacaro

  Research Assistant
  Research Project: The role of intercalated cells in extinction of conditioned fear.

  University of Northumbria

  Ekaterina Likhtik

  Graduate Student
  Research Project: Electrophysiology of the prefrontal-amygdala pathway and its role in extinction of conditioned fear.

  Columbia University
  Email: ebl2102[at]columbia.edu

  Rony Paz

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Research Project: Interactions between the rhinal cortices, medial prefrontal
  cortex and amygdala during memory consolidation.

  Rony's lab at the Weizmann Institue of Science
  Email: rony.paz[at]weizmann.ac.il

  Joe-Guillaume Pelletier

  Graduate Student
  Research Project: Physiology of amygdalocortical interactions.

   Université de Montréal

  Aline Pinto

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Research Project: Electron microscopic investigation of the rhinal microcircuit.

  Daniela Popa

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Research Project: Interactions between cortical and limbic circuits during learning.

  Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6

  Andrei Popescu

  Graduate Student
  Research Project: Heterosynaptic facilitation of corticostriatal inputs by the amygdala.

  University of California - Berkeley

  Alexander Saghyan

  Postdoctoral Associate
  Research Project: Comparative corticostriatal and amygdalostriatal synaptology.

  Rachel Samson

  Graduate Student
  Research Project: Intrinsic circuit of the amygdala.

  University of Arizona

  Cagri Temucin Unal

  Graduate Student
  Research Project: Inhibitory control mechanisms in the amygdala.

  Rutgers - Newark